Our founder Warren S. Clemons was a figure skater since he was a child. Thanks to the support of his parents, he practiced every day after school and managed to participate in several competitions in Canada and other places in the world.

He got excellent results in most of the competitions he participated in and even took first place in some of them.

Warren S. Clemons was an example for all children who wanted to be part of the world of figure skating and become as big as he was. As time went on, our founder became less interested in participating in competitions and more interested in supporting and inspiring new talent.

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That’s when he started giving lectures in Canada and other countries for new and not so new talent. Everyone that wanted to become the best they could be in the world of figure skating competition looked him up to learn and book training sessions with him.

Warren S. Clemons was able to travel extensively for his conferences and courses. Thanks to this, he was able to know different cultures and the different ways in which the skating world adapts to each country.

He never imagined something like this could happen to him. Every day, his desire to continue inspiring people in other places where he never knew they would know of him, was growing.

In love with this idea and its results, he thought of creating a blog to share his experience. That way, people from other countries who could not attend his conferences would read it and feel encouraged and supported by him.

After much trial and error, the idea of creating a blog came to his mind. An internet blog was the best way to have a more personal, intimate space to be accessible anywhere in the world.

For him, the Internet is one of the many wonders of the advancement of technology. It allows us all to stay connected and share information no matter where you are in the world, at what time, or on what date on the calendar.

This is how The Figure Skate Calendar blog was born. Here you will find the most relevant information and everything you need to know to be a true champion in the world of figure skating.

You will also find information about the most important figures in this world, their legacy, and all the events that are taking place in Canada and around the world.

This blog is not just for active competitors. It is also made with love for fans of this wonderful sport. Every week, Warren S. Clemons receives letters and emails from fans in Canada and around the world.