Sonja Henie’s Road to Success

Sonja Henie’s Road to Success

Sonja Henie is originally from Norway. From a very young age, she was interested in figure skating. Her father, a former cycling champion, saw Sonja’s interests and enrolled her in skating and ballet classes.

Thanks to her talent, intensive training, and perseverance, she became the first youngest Olympic winner in the world, at the age of 14. Sonja won ten consecutive world championships.

She was a pioneer in this world from all perspectives, as she introduced the skirt and choreography in figure skating. A trend that would endure.

Her Acknowledgements

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During the 1924 Olympic Games in France, she won the eighth place at the age of 11. She was already known as a famous figure skating champion in Norway.

For the next edition of the Olympic Games, in 1927, she became the world champion. She was only 14 years old. In 1932 and 1936, she also managed to win the gold medal in figure skating at the Olympic Games. During the years 1931 and 1936, she was six times champion in Europe.

The Ice Queen

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Sonja was known as the queen of the ice, a pseudonym she managed to earn thanks to the talent that made her the owner of any ice rink.

She was a soloist and made an incredible presentation at the New York Land of the Midnight Sun Skating Club in Madison Square Garden in 1930. She performed for European royalty, too. She did a skating version of Pavlova’s The Dying Swan in Italy in 1933.

Her popularity was so big that she became a phenomenon, featured in countless magazines and even becoming a blockbuster movie star.

A Movie Star

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However, despite all her sports-related victories, she had to face one obstacle to becoming the movie star she so badly wanted to be. The fear of not being known as a great actress. After many acting classes, Sonja got an impressive contract and was an immediate success with the audience.

She knew very well how to combine romantic comedy with catchy songs and her unique figure skating routines. The theatre’s followers fell in love with Henie and her charisma, allowing her to establish her name in the cinema.

Sonja Henie remains the most influential person in figure skating. The skirt she introduced into her routines remained the distinctive uniform of this sport. She beat any athlete in any sport with her million-dollar winnings.

Even though many years have passed since Sonja’s triumphs, there has been no one like her in the figure skating world. She achieved a life of triumphs and fame thanks to her discipline and intensive training.

Her popularity was so immense, that everywhere she went, the police had to restrain the public that was desperate to meet her. She managed to own the ice rinks as no other could. She was married three times and with her last husband, she created an art center in Oslo, Norway.