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Write for Us

By writing for us, you can keep us updated about the figure skating events taking place in your city. You can also share with us the most representative figure skaters and share your personal opinions and articles about this world.

One of the advantages is the huge exposure you will receive. Every week, we receive visitors from Canada and from all over the world. This will make your name be known and make you a name within the professional sports and figure skating community.

By being part of our team and contributing to the blog, you will receive discounts for tickets to figure skating competitions. We will send you a summary with the best of the blog and we will give you a certificate that proves that you wrote for us.

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When job recruiters read the resumes of potential candidates, those who have collaborated on blogs, magazines, or web portals, have a better chance of getting the job.

This is because jobs today are looking for people who are not only satisfied with their position but who are active collaborators in what they are most passionate about. It’s all about creating an important network.

Cheer up and don’t waste time. Contact us and tell us why you want to write for us, keep us informed, and be part of our community. As soon as we can, we will give you an answer. Once you join us, you will receive a letter from our founder, Warren S. Clemons.